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5th May 2016


Sherkhan, Ballu, Bagira seems we are in the world of Jungle Book

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Dear Friends,

Our volunteers in the city of Pune put their heart and soul in the three-day summer camp held for Arise students.

They took lead and through story-telling sessions created a make-believe world for lesser privileged children who probably have heard about Jungle book but never experienced it.

Volunteers put in more than 800 hours of engagement as they organised carnival games, painting sessions, dance, and drama with 150 children.

“These three days were full of fun and excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed playing sack race, tailing the cat and dart game with children; when you give back to society it’s an amazing feeling,” expressed Deepesh Sajida, a volunteer.

For us, there is no greater joy than to see happy faces of children and volunteers. we sincerely hope and wish our volunteers will keep spreading happiness in the lives who need it most.

Warm Regards,
Tech Mahindra Foundation

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