COVID Relief Program

Supporting the society in emergency and rehabilitation

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
- Socrates

COVID Relief Program

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Tech Mahindra Foundation sensed that the current COVID-19 pandemic made the social disparities more evident as people from the vulnerable communities suffer from hunger and have little access to safety gear. Within two weeks of the lockdown in March this year, we had gauged the enormity of what we could be staring at, and had articulated our goal for COVID Relief with the statement: “To direct the support towards the most vulnerable population segments in the quickest possible time.” This statement has guided us towards taking quick decisions and staying focused during these wickedly unpredictable times. 

To combat the consequences of the pandemic, we are relentlessly working to direct the support towards the most vulnerable population including Healthcare workers, Security Personnel, Sanitation Workers, Migrant Workers, Farmers, Transgenders, Elderly People, Daily Wagers, Persons with Disability and more.

The Foundation has touched over 15 lakh lives through 309 COVID Relief Program across 14 states in the country. Our COVID Relief Work is continuing in the following focus areas (as on 1 March 2021):

  • 568,385 benefitted from Dry Ration Kits which were distributed to support families suffering from the financial crisis. 
  • 322,491 Cooked Meals were served to migrant workers, daily-wage earners and others. 
  • 305,000 people were benefitted from sanitized Community Toilets in slums of Mumbai and Pune through Flush the Virus, a project in association with UNICEF India and Triratna Prerana Mandal (TPM).
  • 36,810 PPE Kits were distributed to the frontline workers to enhance the capacity to respond to the crisis. 
  • 14 Hospitals were supported with Medical Equipment including ventilators and Supplies to augment the healthcare efforts of the government. 
  • 301,178 Masks were distributed to control the spread of infection. 
  • 1,162 Laptops & Tablets were distributed to help students continue learning and make online classes available to all students.
  • 14,600  beneficiaries were provided with gloves, mouth sanitizers etc.

The Foundation acknowledges that the response to this pandemic will not be effective unless it is also equitable and thus, we are working at an exceptional scale and speed to mitigate the risk and impact of this unprecedented crisis. 

Geographies covered: Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Telangana, AP, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and  J&K


COVID Rehabilitation Initiatives

The Foundation anticipated the lasting impact of this unprecedented crisis and hence decided to start long-term sustainable initiatives. The following are the COVID rehabilitation initiatives of TMF:
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In response to the global pandemic, a course titled Hospital Hygiene Assistants has been started with the Health Sector Skill Council to train youth as part of the SMART Academies for Healthcare.

COVID  Relief Program 1

The Foundation is also engaged at training frontline workers like sanitization workers, social workers, and Aanganwadi workers on COVID Swayam Suraksha during the year.

COVID  Relief Program 1

To ensure that learning never stops and bridge the digital divide, TMF has distributed digital tablets, laptops and desktops to youth across our project locations.

COVID  Relief Program 1

TMF also focused on the capacity building of government school teachers to identify and evaluate psychological difficulties faced by children and the early signs of abuses and how to raise awareness to keep them safe.

COVID  Relief Program 1

Tech Mahindra Foundation is building the capacity of government school teachers in digital literacy and pedagogy and cybersecurity to create happier and safer classrooms and curb the increase in cybercrime and child abuse during the pandemic.

Awards and Recognition for COVID Relief Initiatives

The following awards were conferred upon Tech Mahindra Foundation across regional and national platforms for the COVID Relief initiatives:

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India CSR Awards 2021 for Best Corporate Foundation COVID-19 Relief Project (Large Impact) Category

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Gold in CSR Times Awards 2020 for COVID Relief Program

COVID  Relief Program 8

CSR Health Impact Awards 2020 in COVID Protection Project category

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lives through 309 COVID Relief Program across 14 states in India


*as on 1 March 2021