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Supporting the Society in Emergency

Tech Mahindra Foundation sensed that the COVID-19 pandemic made the social disparities more evident as people from the vulnerable communities suffer from hunger and have little access to safety gear. Within two weeks of the lockdown in March 2020, we had gauged the enormity of what we could be staring at, and had articulated our goal for COVID Relief with the statement: “To direct the support towards the most vulnerable population segments in the quickest possible time.” This statement has guided us towards taking quick decisions and staying focused during these wickedly unpredictable times. 

To combat the consequences of the pandemic, we are relentlessly working to direct the support towards the most vulnerable population including Healthcare workers, Security Personnel, Sanitation Workers, Migrant Workers, Farmers, Transgenders Community, Elderly People, Daily Wagers, Persons with Disabilities and more.

Just when we thought that the end of the COVID pandemic was on the horizon, the second wave came upon us stronger than ever. In the Second Wave of the Pandemic, focus has shifted to supporting hospitals with critical medical infrastructure, including oxygen cylinders, concentrators, beds, cardiac monitors and other supplies. We ramped up our training programs to upskill healthcare professionals and frontline workers.

Our Immediate Relief Work

Our COVID Relief Work is continuing through 571 COVID Relief Projects across 17 states in the country, in the following focus areas (as of 31 August 2021):
  • 9,44,357 benefitted from Dry Ration Kits which were distributed to support families suffering from the financial crisis.
  • 5,27,691 Cooked Meals were served to migrant workers, daily-wage earners and others.
  • 305,000 people were benefitted from sanitized Community Toilets in slums of Mumbai and Pune through Flush the Virus, a project in association with UNICEF India and Triratna Prerana Mandal (TPM).
  • 62,010 PPE Kits were distributed to the frontline workers to enhance the capacity to respond to the crisis.
  • 55 Hospitals were supported with Medical Equipment and Consumable including ventilators and Supplies like Hospital Fowler Beds, Multipara-Monitors, Syringe Pumps, and BiPAP, etc., to augment the healthcare efforts of the government.
  • 8,45,443 Masks were distributed to control the spread of infection.
  • 1,162 Laptops & Tablets were distributed to help students continue learning and make online classes available to all students.
  • 20 well-equipped basic life support ambulances were donated in 12 cities across India.
  • We enabled oxygen support amid the second wave of the pandemic with immediate supply of oxygen concentrators, cylinders and proposed oxygen generation plants to support charitable and govt. hospitals. 10 Oxygen Plants have already been ordered, along with 5000 Oxygen Cylinders & 2500 Oxygen Concentrators donated.
The Foundation acknowledges that the response to this pandemic will not be effective unless it is also equitable and thus, we are working at an exceptional scale and speed to mitigate the risk and impact of this unprecedented crisis.  Geographies covered:  Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh Tricity, New Delhi, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

COVID Rehabilitation Initiatives

The Foundation anticipated the lasting impact of this unprecedented crisis and hence decided to start long-term sustainable initiatives. The following are the COVID rehabilitation initiatives of TMF:

COVID Relief Program 1

In response to the global pandemic, a course titled Hospital Hygiene Assistants has been started with the Health Sector Skill Council to train youth as part of the SMART Academies for Healthcare.

COVID Relief Program 1

The Foundation is also engaged at training frontline workers like sanitization workers, social workers, and Aanganwadi workers on COVID Swayam Suraksha during the year.

COVID Relief Program 1

To ensure that learning never stops and bridge the digital divide, TMF has distributed digital tablets, laptops and desktops to youth across our project locations.

COVID Relief Program 1

TMF also focused on the capacity building of government school teachers to identify and evaluate psychological difficulties faced by children and the early signs of abuses and how to raise awareness to keep them safe.

COVID Relief Program 1

Tech Mahindra Foundation is building the capacity of government school teachers in digital literacy and pedagogy and cybersecurity to create happier and safer classrooms and curb the increase in cybercrime and child abuse during the pandemic.

COVID Relief Program 6

In response to the global pandemic, a course titled Hospital Hygiene Assistants has been started with the Health Sector Skill Council to train youth as part of the SMART Academies for Healthcare. Over 681 students were trained (till June 2021).

COVID Relief Program 6

To serve the surge in need of allied healthcare professionals, the enrolment was increased at our SMART Healthcare Academies and SMART Healthcare Centres. 6986 allied healthcare students were trained in FY 20-21, and 2558 are still under training.

COVID Relief Program 6

In order to strengthen the existing healthcare infrastructure with skilled manpower, we engaged in 1353 Nurses under Simulation-based training on Ventilators for critical management of COVID-19 patients in partnership with Helping Hand Charitable Trust. Also, another project in partnership with Smiths Medical for the upskilling of 200 nurses and paramedics on Hemodynamic Monitoring is planned to improve their duty performance in ICU, CCU & Post-Operative Care Unit.

COVID Relief Program 6

To support COVID warriors, we introduced Short-term Advanced COVID Training Modules in partnership with the APSSDC, Andhra Pradesh. Around 200 students were trained under this initiative.

COVID Relief Program 6

We engaged in capacity building of frontline workers including sanitization workers, social workers, and Anganwadi workers through our COVID Swayam Suraksha Training, enabling them to maintain appropriate safety measures while providing relief work. Till now, 1351 frontline workers were trained in association with 20 NGOs. We are inviting NGOs to become a part of the COVID Swayam Suraksha front-line training available in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, and Telugu. Register here.

COVID Relief Program 6

In an initiative to continue learning, the training across our SMART program moved towards the ‘Blended Learning’ approach with online classes and practical skill training.

COVID Relief Program 6

To bridge the digital divide, we donated 1000 Tablets, 351 laptops and 89 desktops along with internet connections to youth across our project locations ensuring that learning never stops.

COVID Relief Program 6

In order to support students during the pandemic, scholarships were introduced across the SMART program.

COVID Relief Program 6

TMF is focused on capacity building of teachers by initiating training of our teachers on mental health issues. We are also involved in training government school teachers enabling them in identifying and evaluating psychological difficulties faced by children & ensuring their well-being during the pandemic. 500 teachers have been trained till date.

COVID Relief Program 6

The foundation is working towards building the capacity of government school teachers in digital literacy, pedagogy and cybersecurity to create happier and safer classrooms during the pandemic.

COVID Relief Program 6

To create awareness and protect children from the risk of cybercrimes amid pandemic, we joined forces with WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) to raise the cybersafety quotient of over 24,000 beneficiaries of our programs through WCF’s CyberSmart portal.

COVID Relief Program 6

We identified that there was a need to work towards mental health and well-being of persons affected with stress, anxiety, COVID distress, and youth seeking career guidance during the pandemic. Focusing on the same, we launched Mind@Ease™- an online platform in association with Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab offering counselling services in these areas.


Our Tech Mahindra volunteers have devoted 14,080 hours to COVID Relief and ongoing volunteering drives. In certain instances, these volunteers have traveled over 700 km to extend their support to communities.  

Our CEO's Blog

On the Frontline: Sowing the Seeds of Relief

Rakesh Soni, CEO, Tech Mahindra Foundation, Read More

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Touched lives through 571 COVID Relief Projects across 17 states in India

Collaborated Initiatives

Help India Breathe: Setting up Oxygen Plants

We’ve joined hands with Mission Oxygen to set up 50 Oxygen Plants for Charitable and Government Hospitals Across India. This partnership will endeavour to provide immediate access to oxygen to hospitals, nursing homes and medical care facilities, especially in tier-2 cities. Know More

Help India Breathe: Meeting Oxygen Supply with Demand

The Foundation has collaborated with Oxygen for India to distribute 3,000 oxygen concentrators and 40,000 oxygen cylinders across India to help resolve the oxygen crisis. Know More

Human Stories

Mr. Haribabu

“We can have food for the next few weeks and this is truly a relief for us"

He used to sell toys at Marina Beach for a living. The lockdown affected his livelihood and a financial crisis started looming towards him. Children's education and meeting daily needs were becoming difficult. We supported him at one of our COVID dry ration distribution drives held at his locality. We are happy to support Haribabu and his neighbours as we #ResolveToRise and help India in its fight against COVID.

- Haribabu from Mylapore, Tamil Nadu

Ms. Raja kumari

“I thank and appreciate Tech Mahindra Foundation and Don Bosco for supporting us during these difficult times”

Rajakumari, a 35-year-old woman lost all her hopes when the second wave of COVID-19 affected her income. For the past 18 years, she was selling pani puri at Marina Beach, Chennai but the pandemic affected her livelihood badly and was struggling to meet her needs. As a part of our #ResolveToRise, together, we reached out to support Rajakumari and her locality with dry ration kits and other COVID relief items.

- Rajakumari from Marina Beach, Chennai

Awards and Recognitions for COVID Work

The following awards were conferred upon Tech Mahindra Foundation across regional and national platforms for the COVID initiatives:

COVID Relief Program 18

Mahatma Award 2021 for COVID-19 Humanitarian Efforts

COVID Relief Program 19

TheCSRUniverse ‘COVID Response’ CSR Impact Awards 2021 in Skill Development and Livelihood Category

COVID Relief Program 20

AIMA 8th Business Responsibility Summit & Project Excellence Contest & Awards 2021 (2nd Runner Up) for our COVID Relief & Rehabilitation Program

COVID Relief Program 21

5th CSR Health Impact Awards (Bronze Category) for our COVID Relief Program

COVID Relief Program 22

India CSR Awards 2021 for Best Corporate Foundation COVID-19 Relief Project (Large Impact) Category

COVID Relief Program 23

Gold in CSR Times Awards 2020 for COVID Relief Program

COVID Relief Program 24

CSR Health Impact Awards 2020 in COVID Protection Project category

CII Telangana honours for being a Partner in CSR & COVID Relief Initiatives for the year 2020-21

Confederation of India Industry, Telangana recognises Tech Mahindra Foundation's CSR & COVID Relief Initiatives for the year 2020-21

COVID Relief Program 25

Mahatma Award 2020 for Social Good

COVID Relief Program 26

Rotary Club COVID Warrior Award 2020 for our diverse COVID Relief work across Tamil Nadu

Meet Our COVID Relief Partner Organizations


Tech Mahindra's #ResolveToRise

  • Our parent company, Tech Mahindra Limited (TML) has organised exclusive COVID-19 vaccination drives across their campuses and network hospitals. These drives are initiated for a hassle-free experience for all associates of both TML and the Foundation, and their families. 
  • Also, TML has launched various initiatives to help India in its fight against COVID-19 by setting up COVID Care Centres, provided tele-calling support to NGOs, created COVID SOS applications and hundreds of our associates are catering to medical requirements across the country. Know More

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