Vision & Mission

Building a strong foundation with quality education

"We believe that education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives."
- Anand G. Mahindra

Our Vision and Mission

The CSR vision of Tech Mahindra Limited is “Empowerment through Education.”

Tech Mahindra Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Tech Mahindra. It was set up in 2006 as a Section 25 Company (referred to as Section 8 Company in the Companies Act, 2013), with a vision of Empowering through Education, and a mission encapsulated in the words below:

Educated, skilled and able women and men are a country’s true strength. We aspire to see children who are purposefully engaged, youth that is constructively employed and a society that provides equal opportunities to people with different abilities. Through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Mahindra Group commits itself to this.
The key focus areas for Corporate Social Responsibility at Tech Mahindra Foundation are:

  • Empowerment of girls/women
  • Empowerment of people with disabilities
  • Corporate volunteering

These three areas are cross cutting themes for all our projects and programs at Tech Mahindra Foundation. The Foundation works with the mandate that 50% of its beneficiaries are women and 10% are Persons with disabilities.

Our Core Purpose and Values

Our Core Purpose

We work towards bringing transformation in the lives of our stakeholders & communities across India, to enable them to Rise through our core purpose of:

Driving Positive Change

We want you to rise. And not just you. Your family. Your neighbourhood. Your whole community. This is why we come to work every day.

Celebrating Each Moment

Celebrating each moment is about finding a higher sense of purpose, happiness, and achievement in all that we do.

Empowering All to Rise

Empowering all to Rise is about becoming a better version of ourselves each day.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide our actions, decisions and relationships as we work towards fulfilling our mission. The enduring values that are the cornerstones of our success are:

Beneficiaries First

We exist and prosper only because of our beneficiaries. We will respond to the changing needs and expectations of our beneficiaries and the communities speedily, courteously and effectively.

Dignity of the Individual

We will value individual dignity, uphold the right to express disagreement, and respect the time & efforts of others. Through our actions, we will nurture fairness, trust, and transparency.

Good Corporate Citizenship

We will continue to seek long-term success, which is in alignment with the needs of the society we serve. We will do this without compromising on ethical business standards.

Quality Focus

Quality is the key to delivering value to our beneficiaries. We will make quality a driving value in our work, in our work and our interactions with others. We will do it ‘First Time Right’.


We have always sought the best people for the job and given them freedom & the opportunity to grow. We will continue to do so. We will support innovation and well-reasoned risk-taking but will demand performance.

Accepting No Limits

We accept no limits, and ask the same of everyone else. In return, we work relentlessly to provide the tools, information, and inspiration for us to push past limitations and comfort zones.

Alternative Thinking

Alternative thinking means solving problems in ways no one thought of before, by using fewer resources and entering markets thought to be unreachable.

Driving Positive Change

We want you to rise. And not just you. Your family. Your neighbourhood. Your whole community. This is why we come to work every day.

Tech Mahindra’s CSR Policy

The CSR vision of Tech Mahindra Limited is “Empowerment through Education”. Our Board of Directors laid down the CSR Policy, covering the Objectives, Focus Areas, Governance Structure and Monitoring & Reporting Framework among others. All social investments of the Company are accordingly aligned to the attainment of this overall vision.

Tech Mahindra’s CSR Policy can be downloaded here.

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