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Tech Mahindra Foundation's overarching goal is 'Empowerment through Education.' The Foundation’s work in primary education focuses upon three thematic areas: school improvement, teacher empowerment and learning enrichment. The programmes are run in two modes — directly implemented by the Foundation and with partner social organisations.


Education Programmes:


ARISE: All Round Improvement in School Education Programme (ARISE) focus on strengthening the primary school education system in India, along with its partner organisations, by reviewing the infrastructure and course curriculum and developing the existing schools into models of excellence. The Foundation through its ARISE programmes was able to reach out to close to approximately 13,000 children in about 40+ government schools.

ARISE+ is another variant of ARISE that focuses on children with disabilities. Know more

SHIKSHAANTAR: Shikshaantar is the Foundation’s training programme for teachers started with a vision to create happier classrooms. The Programme facilitates capacity building of school teachers and teacher educators in pedagogical skills and subject-related competencies in elementary. It enables child-centered learning towards the overall development of the students.

The Foundation runs two premier in-service teacher capacity building institutes called In-Service Teacher Education Institutes (ITEIs) with North Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

In 2018-19,the Shikshaantar programme trained approximately2,500 teachers.