"It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act"
- Dalai Lama

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We at Tech Mahindra Foundation are supporting projects which empower all to RISE.

The journey of ‘Empowering through Education’ began in 2006 and through our interventions, we continue ‘Giving wings to young Dreams’ across 11 cities in India. The Foundation works with the mandate that 50% of its beneficiaries are women and 10% are Persons with disabilities. Over the years, the Foundation has impacted 3,94,727 direct beneficiaries across all the programs except COVID Relief (as on 31 March 2023). In the FY 2022-23, we impacted 61,995 direct beneficiaries and in the FY 2021-22, we impacted 41,374 through all our programs. In addition, over 4 million lives impacted through our COVID relief work.

The actual beneficiaries of our social initiatives are from the community itself. We at the Foundation, connect with the community at different levels of program ideation, program design, execution and review with the intent of designing and implementing programs for the community at large. We have witnessed the community flourish through our various programs in employability, education, disability, and corporate volunteering and the aim for years to come is to maximise our impact by incorporating innovation and sustainability in our projects.

3, 0
direct beneficiaries over the years
direct beneficiaries in FY 2022-23
We continue to touch lives across
states through our 582 COVID Relief Projects
3, 0
direct beneficiaries over the years
direct beneficiaries in FY 2021-22


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Youth have been Trained in SMART Centres and Academies

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Placement rate

To boost the country’s overall economic growth, it is essential to train the youth with the requisite employability skills and prepare them to become independent. In FY 2022-23, a total of 21,293 youth have been trained, while in FY 2021-22, 18,392  young women and men benefitted through our SMART programs to gain better employability opportunities in trades and industries. Approximately 75% of the youth are placed in jobs across multiple industries in the FY 2021-22 after completion of their training. The Foundation enables the youth to acquire employable market-oriented skills and links them to potential employers, thereby facilitating the development of self-reliant and confident individuals.

*Cumulative figures are as on 31st March 2023


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Children were supported across our education programs

As part of our teacher training program Shikshaantar

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Teachers were Trained

Access to quality education is the key to the betterment of the individual and society. Our ARISE program was able to reach out to 5,224 children in FY 2022-23 and reached out to 4,928 children in government schools in FY 2021-22. Also, our Shikshaantar program trained 3,054 teachers in FY 2022-23, trained 9,573 teachers in FY 2021-22. The Foundation is committed to bringing in a systemic social change with special emphasis on school development programs and capacity building for educators. The focus remains on enabling children from the underprivileged and marginalized socio-economic strata to get quality education and optimise their full potential.

*Cumulative figures are as on 31st March 2023


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Children with Disabilities were supported with inclusive education as part of ARISE+ Program

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Persons with Disabilities were benfitted with Skill Development under SMART+ Program

Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities needs to be eradicated from society by providing them with opportunities for a better future to lead a dignified life. Our ARISE+ program reached and benefitted 4,829 Children in FY 2022-23 and 3,792 in FY 2021-22 with Disabilities by providing chronic therapy as well as special education, to help them lead fulfilling lives. Similarly, our SMART+ program provided market related-entrepreneurial skills and job opportunities to 1,303 Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in FY 2022-23 and 1,526  Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in FY 2021-22. The Foundation focuses on inclusive education and skill development training for Persons with Disabilities to restore their dignity and independence.

*Cumulative figures are as on 31st March 2023


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Tech Mahindra Associates

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Hours of Volunteering

Coming together for the disadvantaged communities to promote empathy and understanding of social inequalities is a solution to reduce inequalities in society. In FY23, 6,538 dedicated volunteers contributed to 57,515 hours towards various social causes.

In FY22, close to 821 Tech Mahindra Associates clocked 31,884 hours of volunteering across our projects in India. The Foundation encourages Tech Mahindra associates to share their time and skills in a socially constructive manner for community development. They volunteer towards our beneficiaries through programs that range from community-based such as Swachchta to learnings that are curriculum-based, such as Soft-skill trainings to SMART students. While in the process of building the community of change-makers, the most important thing that we do is to sensitize our associates to understand that all this is a ‘Way of Life’ which at Tech Mahindra we call ISR (Individual Social Responsibility).

*Cumulative figures are as on 31st March 2023

COVID Relief Program






states across India

The Foundation is implementing the COVID Program intending to contain the spread of the virus and also aiming at protecting the communities that are most at risk of serious social and economic disruption due to public health measures undertaken to suppress COVID-19 transmission. Our COVID Relief Work is touching lives through 582 COVID Relief Projects across 17 states in the country (as of 31 March 2022.).  Since March 2020, the Foundation continues to provide dry ration kits, cooked meals, life-saving medical equipments and safety gear like PPE kits & masks and sanitized community toilets. We are working towards minimizing the impact of the pandemic on public health and limit its potential for further disruption to the lives and the economy by addressing the challenges of weakened healthcare systems and entrenched inequalities in a post-COVID world.

*(as on 31 March 2022)

Our Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

We understand that achieving ‘No Poverty’ can be a great way to establish a sustainable livelihood for people across the globe. The pandemic-induced lockdown has led vulnerable communities such as migrant workers, farmers, transgender communities, elderly people, daily wagers, persons with disabilities, etc., to extreme poverty. This has ultimately deprived them of their rights to equal economic resources and basic services such as clean and sanitized toilets to keep them safe from infections. Our ‘Flush the Virus’ Project under COVID Relief and Rehabilitation Program was focused on serving to the purpose. 

Overview 1

Contributing Projects

Flush the Virus

The Foundation along with UNICEF India and Triratna Prerana Mandal (TPM) worked together in order to provide sanitized Community Toilets in the slums of Mumbai and Pune, under Flush the Virus Project. A total of 3,05,000 people were benefitted from access to these toilets in the respective regions of Maharashtra. 

*COVID impact figures as on 31 March 2022

Zero Hunger

To serve the needy and end hunger to provide for the poor and people in vulnerable situations is our first response under the COVID Relief and Rehabilitation Program. With mass displacements of daily wagers, migrant workers, domestic help and other vulnerable communities there was a huge crisis of food for them leading to a stage of undernourishment. We identified the same and worked right upon it immediately by distributing dry ration kits and cooked meals to them. 

Overview 1

Contributing Projects

Dry Ration Kits & Cooked Meal Distribution

In order to offer immediate relief to these communities to achieve zero hunger among the communities, the Foundation distributed dry ration kits and cooked meals supporting families, migrant workers, daily wage earners, and others amidst the COVID pandemic. A total of  9,52,357 benefitted from dry ration kits and 5,41,641 cooked meals were served across India.

*COVID impact figures as on 31 March 2022

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

‘Good Health & Well Being’ is essential to sustainable development and ensuring healthy lives and in promoting well-being. This is imperative in building prosperous societies. With our skill development program, SMART, we aim to support a workable healthcare infrastructure by creating world-class healthcare professionals along with providing assistance for stable health financing, development, training and retention of the health workforce.

Overview 1

Contributing Projects

SMART Academies for Healthcare and SMART Centres

The Foundation has been working towards facilitating a good healthcare system through Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare and Tech Mahindra SMART Centres that provide skill training in different allied healthcare domains. The focus is to train youth to become skilled allied healthcare professionals by offering both diploma and certificate courses, as per the requisite qualifications.


Since 2016, a total of 2, 995 youth have been trained through our SMART Academies for healthcare. Whereas, a total of 8, 833 students have been trained since 2014 at the SMART Centres as skilled allied healthcare workers with representation from 24 States and UTs of India, who are eligible to effectively contribute to the healthcare system of the country.

COVID Relief & Rehabilitation Program

The pandemic led to a surge in the need for qualified and skilled allied medical professionals to strengthen the medical infrastructure in India. In order to enhance the health worker density in the healthcare sector, we aimed at substantially increasing the enrollment and training of professionals through our Tech Mahindra SMART Academies for Healthcare and SMART Healthcare Centres. Also, we adapted to the requirements and introduced various domain-specific courses to upskill the existing health workforce. 


These academies and centres provided skill training in different allied healthcare domains. Till now, a total of 11, 828 allied healthcare youth have been trained.

Introduction of New Courses & COVID Specific Training Modules

In response to the global pandemic, Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare introduced a new course in its curriculum titled ‘Hospital Hygiene Assistant’ in association with Health Sector Skill Council to train youth as part of the SMART Academies for Healthcare. A total of 685 students have been trained since its initiation. In addition, Short-term Advanced COVID Training Modules were introduced in partnership with the APSSDC, Andhra Pradesh to support COVID warriors. Around 200 students were trained under this initiative.

Upskilling through Specialised Training

In order to strengthen the capacity of existing healthcare infrastructure with health emergency preparedness, TMF provided Simulation-based training on Ventilators for critical management of COVID-19 patients in partnership with Helping Hand Charitable Trust. A total of 2001 nurses were trained under this initiative. Also, we have another project in partnership with Smiths Medical that aims to upskill the nurses and paramedics on Hemodynamic Monitoring for improving their duty performance in ICU, CCU & Post-Operative Care Unit. We plan to impact 200 nurses and paramedics under the initiative. 

COVID Swayam Suraksha Training

The Foundation engaged in capacity building of frontline workers including sanitization workers, social workers, and Anganwadi workers through our COVID Swayam Suraksha Training, enabling them to maintain relevant safety measures while working. In association with 48 NGOs, we have trained a total of 2444 frontline workers. 

Other Contributions

  • TMF distributed 62, 010 PPE Kits to the frontline workers to enhance the capacity to respond to the crisis. 
  • We provided support to 55 hospitals with Medical Equipment and Consumables such as Hospital Fowler Beds, Multipara-Monitors, Syringe Pumps, and BiPAP, etc., to enhance the healthcare efforts of the government. 
  • We have donated a total of 20 well-equipped basic life support ambulances that were deployed in 12 cities across India. 
  • Amid the second wave of the pandemic, we extended an immediate supply of oxygen concentrators, cylinders and proposed oxygen generation plants to support charitable and govt. hospitals. 10 Oxygen Plants have already been ordered, along with 5000 Oxygen Cylinders & 2500 Oxygen concentrators donated.
  • In an effort to control the spread of infection 8,70,443 masks were distributed to the communities.

*Program impact figures as on 31 March 2022

*COVID Impact Figures as on 31 March 2022

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Easily accessible and equitable ‘Quality Education’ leads to a bright future for every individual. The Foundation runs various premier educational and skill-development programs that ensure quality primary and secondary education. We focus on providing equal access to affordable quality technical and vocational skill training for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship to youth and persons with disabilities. As per the mandate, we strive for 50% of women beneficiaries and 10% beneficiaries as persons and children with disabilities.


Our training centres are built to offer upgraded education facilities to the learners with an inclusive and effective learning environment for all. Our Shikshaantar program targets to substantially improve the educational ecosystem by empowering teachers and help them in achieving their best potential. Additionally, we offer scholarships to encourage students and youth for enrolment in higher education, including technical, vocational, and ICT training to enhance their prospective careers.

Overview 1

Contributing Projects

ARISE & ARISE + Program

Overview 5The ARISE program focuses on enabling children from underprivileged and marginalised socio-economic sections to acquire grade-appropriate learning with understanding, including proficiency in functional literacy and numeracy. The program works in collaboration with Municipal Corporations and State government bodies to develop primary schools into model schools of excellence. The program has supported the development of academic dimensions (including proficiency in functional literacy and numeracy) among 76,370 children (since 2015-16).


Across all TMF progress, we give special focus on programs specifically designed for persons with disabilities. ARISE+ is our special program that includes work in the area of school educationOverview 6 for persons with disabilities across the age group of 3-18 years, and help them prepare for future challenges. 43,601 boys and girls with disabilities have experienced various interventions running across the ARISE+ projects as well as through community healthcare projects.


A total of 1,19,971 primary students graduated from ARISE and ARISE+ schools with proficient educational capabilities, enabling them to become changemakers across India.  Also, data packages and 1,162 Laptops & Tablets were provided to children with disabilities to support them for transition to online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Started in October 2012, the SMART (Skills for Market Training) program focuses on developing employability related skills for youth through a total of 15 domains and 50 courses. There are over 85 SMART Centres and eight SMART Academies that offer advanced skill training in diverse domains across the service as well as the manufacturing industry.


The Foundation has trained over 1,31,524 young men and women in various IT enabled, soft skills, technical, allied-healthcare, digital technologies and various advanced skilling courses, including 3,931 students from the SMART Academies were trained in different teaching-learning processes, including ICT skills.


In FY 22, more than 18,392 youth were trained in the overall courses.


Shikshaantar is our training program for teachers that focuses on improving the teaching-learning experiences by capacity-building programs for all stakeholders. The program runs in two variants, i.e., in collaboration with partner organizations and the direct mode. 

One of the major areas of intervention for Shikshaantar program is to develop information and communications technology (ICT) skills among all beneficiaries. 

Since FY 2015-16, around 46,355 teachers have been trained in different teaching learning processes (including ICT), and benefitted through teacher training workshops at ITEIs.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Committee of Tech Mahindra Foundation

Our Child Protection & Safeguarding Committee (CPC) aims to develop safeguarding frameworks and safety channels within the organisation and with partner organisations ensuring the safety of children in our programs and all communities beyond the Foundation’s work.


All associates of the Foundation, including partner organisations are trained to protect and safeguard all children whether participating in the Foundation’s projects and activities or otherwise.


Scholarships are offered to those students who require financial support to pursue education at the Foundation.

COVID Relief & Rehabilitation Program

We understood that quality education is an integral part of a sustainable and thriving community. Focusing on the same, we worked on substantially increasing the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment and decent jobs, etc. Also, we enabled them with digital access and information and communications technology (ICT) skills. We focused at enhancing digital literacy and knowledge of cybersecurity amongst teachers under our Shikshaantar program. 


We collaborated with various organisations to enable them in understanding the need of identifying children seeking help after being exposed to mental health and abuse cases. Also, to provide effective learning opportunities to students, our SMART program moved towards the ‘Blended Learning’ approach with online classes and practical skill training. COVID scholarships were also introduced to encourage students to continue their higher education and skill training even amid the pandemic.


As part of the Shikshaantar program, teachers were trained in digital literacy (in collaboration with Rotary India Literacy Mission) and cybersecurity during the pandemic to help support government school teachers in conducting online classes for their students and create safer and happier classrooms. A total of 2,876 and 107 teachers have been trained through digital literacy and cybersecurity teacher training programs, respectively.


Also, we focused on the capacity building of teachers by initiating training of our teachers on various mental health issues (in collaboration with Fortis School Mental Health program and Macmillan India). We are also involved in training government school teachers enabling them in identifying and evaluating psychological difficulties faced by children & ensuring their well-being during the pandemic. A total of 1,447 teachers have been trained. Additionally, we are also organising Child Safety and Safeguarding training program (in association with Our Voix) and have trained a total of 1, 887 teachers and 4, 978 students under this initiative.

Digital Literacy

We focused to build and upgrade education facilities for the digital inclusion of children from marginalized sections of the society during the pandemic. We provided data packages and utilities including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets to beneficiaries ensuring that learning doesn’t stop. Till today, a total of 1,162 Tablets and laptops were distributed among the students (including children with disabilities) in order to support them for transition to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Impact figures as on 31 March 2022

*COVID impact figures as on 31 March 2022

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

‘Gender equality’ is a fundamental human right that forms a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. We aim to promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, create decent jobs, and entrepreneurship to encourage employment and enterprises. The Foundation works on the mandate that 50% of its beneficiaries are women and 10% are Persons with Disabilities. Also, we work widely to improve the safety and welfare of children across the country.



A total of 22,155 women in FY22 benefitted from our skill building avenues in allied healthcare, digital technology, retail, banking and financial services, hospitality, basic IT and overall personality development.

Overview 1

Contributing Projects

Partner implemented initiative – SMART Centre at SOFIA NGO

One of our SMART Centres in partnership with SOFIA NGO in Delhi works for providing rehabilitation to women victims of domestic violence. Also, women are provided with educational training and welfare safety nets.



Total 187 beneficiaries have been trained in FY20. Amongst them, 45 beneficiaries (in FY20) created livelihood opportunities for themselves by starting small businesses on their own by becoming self-reliant (including independent women).

Child Protection and Safeguarding Committee

Every year, the Foundation observes Child Safety Week – starting with Children’s Day celebration. The Committee ensures to conduct various child safety initiatives including training and knowledge generation on how to curb sexual abuse, identify early warning signs, what to do when a child is abused, and redressal mechanisms to safeguard child rights. It also ensures sensitivity training of all in how to be effective allies to victims of child sexual abuse.


All associates of the Foundation, including partner organisations are trained to protect and safeguard all children whether participating in our projects and activities or otherwise.

COVID Relief & Rehabilitation Program

Along with our various collaborations, we have worked towards empowering women and children to mitigate the risk of their exploitation through any kind of cyber threats amid the pandemic. This was our effort towards achieving unanimous gender equality amongst society when the abuse cases were on the rise amid the lockdown.  

Collaboration with WNS Cares Foundation

Our collaboration with WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) for training to increase cyber safety quotient of our beneficiaries through WCF’s CyberSmart portal is one of such efforts. Over 24,000 beneficiaries of our programs will be a part of this initiative.

*Impact figures as on 31 March 2022

*COVID impact figures as on 31 March 2022

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’ are widely interconnected in establishing a sustainable work-enabled ecosystem. Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve their living standards. Our SMART program targets to create job opportunities, skill-development, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in different aspects. We also encourage the formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, a specially designed curriculum focuses to enable Persons with Disabilities to learn suitable skills for employment.

Overview 1

Contributing Projects

Tech Mahindra SMART Academies

Working towards empowering the citizens, since May 2016, the Foundation has been running Tech Mahindra SMART Academies that offer a variety of skill-based and other specialised vocations. Presently, it has eight SMART Academies including four SMART Academies for Healthcare, three SMART Academies for Digital Technologies, and one SMART Academy for Logistics.



Until now 3,931 students have been trained across all SMART Academies with a placement rate of over 75% with an average salary in the range of 10-13K per month. These skilled youth are placed in the leading hospitals namely Fortis, Max, Apollo etc., as well employers, agencies and startups from the digitech and logistic sector in India.

SMART+ Centres

Launched in the year 2013, the SMART+ program is a cross-cutting theme for the SMART program. The program focuses on providing workplace readiness skill-training to youth with disabilities (sight impairment, hearing/speech impairment, and locomotors disabilities) and has a specially designed curriculum along with well-equipped classrooms to enable effective learning processes for Persons with Disabilities. At present, the Tech Mahindra Foundation is successfully running 13+ SMART+ Centres across India.

Our special training curriculum has enabled a large number of youth with disabilities to draw an average salary in the range of 12000.

*Program impact figures as on 31 March 2022

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