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Subhansh – A Real-life Hero

16th October 2020

Dear Friends,

Today is the World Restart a Heart Day, a day dedicated to improving survival rates. Our three Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare trains youth to save lives and we are happy to share an inspiring incident shared by Subhansh, a student at our Academy in Mohali.

It was just another day for Subhansh, and he was busy attending his online classes as the Academy was closed due to the lockdown. All of a sudden, he heard screams of panic in his neighbourhood. Curious Subhansh goes outside and sees a nervous crowd gathered around a man lying unconscious. He goes near the man and checks his pulse rate and soon realises that it is a heart attack. Now, as a first-year student of Diploma in Cardiac Care Technician, Subhansh knew exactly what to do as he was trained well for such emergencies at the Academy.



Student at SMART Academy for Healthcare, Mohali

He asked the crowd to help him lay the patient on a flat surface and started giving compressions on his chests. Although, a few people tried to stop him from giving CPR as they were unaware of the procedures, however, Subhansh made them understand the importance of the position and the compressions. He also requested someone to call an ambulance so that the patient receives proper medical attention.

Soon, the ambulance arrived and the patient was taken to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor who attended the patient clearly stated that attempting CPR had saved his life. Subhansh says “I learned the responsibility I will have on my shoulder once I become a cardiac technician.” This incident made him realise the power of knowledge and paramedical skills. Also, it gave him confidence and made him understand the value of this noble profession. Join us as we wish Subhansh and many more Cardiac Care Technicians best wishes on a journey of saving lives. 

For more details on Healthcare Courses, please visit the SMART Academy website.

Best Regards,
Tech Mahindra Foundation

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