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10th June 2016

Dear Friends,

Some of our colleagues go about their jobs each day not looking for accolades, not wanting a pat on the back. They do their jobs because they want to make a difference.

These colleagues are our volunteers who give their precious time to help others. They are passionate about the cause and they definitely make a difference. Today, we are happy to recognise our Star Volunteers – Ajay Kommagalla, Tech Lead, IES dept. Hyderabad, Mayank Dixit, Sajil Chembil and Manish Chandra from the Internal Communications BSG team Noida.


Ajay Kommagalla, the CSR SPOC for Hyderabad location council has been actively volunteering for the Foundation since 2007. He was instrumental in executing initiatives for victims of Hudhud cyclone 2014 and Chennai floods 2015. He has also carried out various drives – notebook distribution drive, blanket distribution drive for people on the roadside,  fundraising for associates who are critically ill, and Blood donation drives.


We have always believed “where there is a will there is a way” and the internal communication BSG (IC BSG) Team Noida is a perfect example.

“We wanted to support the Foundation’s work but somehow our busy schedules left us with little time. But we were keen. Hence we came up with an idea of giving our creative support to the foundation and we started creating mailers and collateral’s for them,” says Mayank.

The IC BSG team has volunteered for TMF by lending their time and creativity for a cause. This has helped TMF gain more visibility among the associates and increased the volunteer count.

Having said that we take pride in announcing that in ESOPS we are second in the entire Mahindra Group. A big thank you to all the unsung heroes, we recognise your passion and commitment to help others and do something worthwhile. We really appreciate the valuable time and support our volunteers give and urge them to call on their colleagues to become part of volunteer drives.

Warm Regards,
Tech Mahindra Foundation

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