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19th April 2017

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Dear Friends,

This is the second of our three stories of our Tech Mahindra SMART Academy students making their way in the competitive healthcare sector in New Delhi.

Sanjay, the eldest of seven children, could not study beyond the first year of college because he had to earn money to help his father who was a rickshaw driver. Sanjay’s father drove his e-rickshaw in the daytime and Sanjay drove it at night. Between the two of them, they just about managed to earn Rs 10,000 a month, and sometimes, not even that much.

“I used to work all night and spend the day thinking about how I can earn more money, Then a friend who was doing the GDA course told me about the SMART Academy.” says Sanjay.

“It was like the sun had come out and suddenly, I knew this was what I wanted to do” says Sanjay. He enrolled in a nine month-long course to become an Emergency Medical Technician, and his mother had to borrow money to pay the fees. He successfully completed the course and had the opportunity to be at Sir Gangaram Hospital for his month-long on-job-training.

“I was terrified when I went for the interview,” says a beaming Sanjay, who in fact cleared his interview and landed a job at Moolchand Hospital. We are very proud of Sanjay, and we are sure that any patient he looks after is in safe hands!

Best of luck Sanjay!

Warm Regards,
Tech Mahindra Foundation

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