Upskilling Helps Prakash in His New Career

Upskilling Helps Prakash in His New Career 1

Matta Lok Prakash

Web SEO professional at CVR News

In 2015, Matta Lok Prakash set his sights on building a career in software. He began his professional journey as a Site Engineer. Prakash decided to switch careers to follow his passion. He joined the ‘Digital Marketing’ course at the Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Digital Technologies in Visakhapatnam.

In this journey, Prakash mastered Digital Marketing Concepts, WordPress, and SEO. With an enhanced skillset, he could now focus on a career in his preferred field.

Prakash soon joined as a Web SEO professional at CVR News. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Digital Technologies in Visakhapatnam continues to be the launchpad for passionate and hardworking professionals like Matta Lok Prakash.

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