Learning by Doing

“Success is not pre-destined, it is hard-earned”

Learning by Doing 1


A student at Karnataka Public School under our Tech Mahindra Foundation’s ARISE project

This is the story of Sanjay, a student at Karnataka Public School, one of Tech Mahindra Foundation’s ARISE projects. In early days, Sanjay was irregular at school and with the intent to encourage him, he was introduced to the ‘Natkhat Science Lab’ that aims to foster imagination and creativity in young minds. From there on, Sanjay began a new chapter of his life!

The concept of this Lab allows the children to play and learn through the lens of science. After a few initial sessions at the Lab, he started developing an interest to learn more and explore. He would never miss an opportunity to visit the Lab, play with the types of equipment and learn to make new working models. Soon, he mastered his hands on complex working models for a seventh grader and started making models on his own. In no time, he also understood the basic concepts such as cell, battery, circuit, switch, insulator, conductor, friction, magnet, etc. and started helping his peers make models.

With the support from his mentors at the school, Sanjay innovated and introduced to everybody his new battery-run ‘Car Fan’. He shared, “I used to feel hot as I walked to school and back. Then the idea of a fan popped in my mind”. Little Sanjay created his imagination to find the solution to his problem. His innovation brought him confidence and appreciation from his peers and mentors.

Sanjay has come a long way, from being on the verge of dropping out of school to being a budding science enthusiast. We wish him great learning in years to come!

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