Upgrading for Happier Classrooms

“continuous monitoring helped me constantly improve and learn new things and that always encouraged me to become better at my job.” – Ms Pramila More

Ms Pramila More Success Story Profile Pic

Ms Pramila More

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Navi Mumbai

Pramila’s passion to become a teacher came from her family, as everyone has been a part of the noble profession . A teacher for fourteen years now , she has gradually witnessed the change in the pedagogy and has realised that she needs to upgrade her teaching methodology and the curriculum so that she can meet the changing standards.

She attended  Tech Mahindra Foundation’s Shikshaantar training program in association with Save The children India in 2019. Before joining the training session, she had low self-confidence and faced a lot of challenges due to lack of a fixed curriculum, rote learning practice, absence of proper Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) and trainers for guidance. 

At the training session, our trainers noticed her passion to educate young minds and eagerness to improve her teaching methodology. After completing the training sessions, she felt confident in her abilities and could see the difference in her classroom’s environment through her new teaching methods. She also learned to make new TLMs and proper usage of the resources to make the process and topics easy for her students. The training also helped her to understand the importance of education and learning in the early childhood years. She also adds, “continuous monitoring helped me  constantly improve and learn new things and that always encouraged me to become better at my job.”The Shikshaantar program was designed with an aim to enhance the knowledge of early-childhood knowledge and skills of teachers like Pramila, who teach children in the age group 3-6 years of age.  

The educational system across the nation is undergoing a change and therefore teachers are required to upgrade themselves and their pedagogy skills to meet the expectations. Individuals like her are examples of those teachers who work hard for the development and improvement of their students. Here is a hope that the change in the education system won’t be a challenge because of passionate teachers like Pramila.

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