Preaching the way of life

“Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution,” – Ms. Kiran Sardana


Ms. Kiran Sardana

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Delhi (ITEI-NDMC)

Kiran Sardana always enjoyed acting like a teacher as a child. Today, she is a teacher who is popular as a role model for her classroom who aspires to follow her footsteps when they grow up. A hard-working and innovative teacher, she continues to inspire other teachers with her progressive ideas to improve teaching-learning experiences. 

A postgraduate, she holds a Masters in Education and a Diploma in Computers with twenty-nine years of experience in the field of education. Kiran has been honoured with ‘The Best Teacher Award’ at the state level in 2019. Currently, she is heading the English group ofMentor teachers at North DMC and has been teaching at Municipal Corporation of Delhi schools since 2008. 

Kiran has attended subject-based workshops as part of Shikshaantar program at ITEI-NDMC and during the COVID-19 lockdown period, where she worked on her ICT skills with the Foundation’s online training sessions. She is always appreciative of the culture, infrastructure and quality of the courses during the capacity building sessions. 

A learner for life, she has learned from her students to respect the most basic resources and to smile during difficult times. Her parents are her source of inspiration and she has imbibed generosity and kindness from them. She has initiated a unique concept of adopting a child virtually, wherein she mentors the child until he/she passes class 5. She thoughtfully chooses the child who she finds the most deprived and supports the child with her guidance. 

Kiran says, “The way we present ourselves to others shows our education, not the qualification.” Sharing her objective of teaching, she replies, “I teach them to live.” Ms. Kiran understands the importance of formative years for the young students and puts all the required efforts during their foundational years. She also takes the opinion of her students to plan her lessons which she believes helps them develop decision-making skills.

“Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution,” says Kiran. There were several challenges she faced during her tenure but she overcame them beautifully. Due to the lack of infrastructure, the attendance of students was declining in her school. She connected with the parents and constantly ensured that they are her responsibility and counselled them about the importance of school education. Her efforts resulted in her students achieving the highest attendance award in the school.

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