“Teachers often know ‘what to teach’, but the real challenge is often ‘how to teach.” – Ms. Sarita Sharma

Success Story Profile Pic Ms. Sarita Sharma

Ms. Sarita Sharma

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Delhi (ITEI-EDMC)

Sarita Sharma often feels that she is guilty of repeating herself! However, her belief in what she says far outweighs anything else. A passionate individual, she says, “teachers often know ‘what to teach’, but the real challenge is often ‘how to teach’.”

It is also why she feels that her days at the school have taught her far more than what she learnt during her pre-service training. She gained and grew from her own time in the classrooms. Definitions and textbook knowledge could only go so far. She had to depend on her wit to resolve issues that cropped up daily. “I sometimes feel that while I may not know everything, I can take on any challenge of the world, now.”

This confidence, however, took some toll on her to develop. When she was initially thrust in the classroom, she would find herself at a loss! Despite having been a great student, she discovered her conceptual knowledge not being able to serve her in her classroom.

There were times when she felt that her ability to teach was compromised because of her inability to take care of the multiple aspects that needed her attention simultaneously. Her morale ran low, and she felt stuck. “Some students were unable to understand the concepts despite repeated explanations. I knew, then, that I needed help,” she recounts.

In 2016, as a part of what was routine for the ITEI-EDMC, she was inducted into the sessions at the Institute. She was not sure of the impact the “training” would have on her or her work. The training worked on two levels; one, it helped her overcome her hesitation and disbelief in the effectiveness of teacher training. Two, it helped her reinvent herself in the classroom.

She managed to use her ability and motivation to reach out to two of her students who were on the verge of dropping out. Many of her students have won accolades and gotten admitted to prestigious middle schools after completing grade 5 with her.

For her efforts in the classroom, Sarita won the “Best Teacher” award for the year 2017-18 at the Zonal Level!

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