“The years spent on primary education are as good as any investment made for life. Input determines the output,” – Ms. Kaveri Mehra

Success Story Profile Pic Ms. Kaveri Mehra

Ms. Kaveri Mehra

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Delhi (ITEI-EDMC)

A common misconception about teaching the primary level is that it requires no expertise and that everything is based on fun. What is often forgotten is that to put structures in and around the life of young people who have only started to see and experience the world is an arduous task.

Primary teachers need strategies and content knowledge in equal measures to be able to teach their students. “The years spent on primary education are as good as any investment made for life. Input determines the output,” quietly remarks Kaveri Mishra during a discussion with the faculty at the ITEI-EDMC.

It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the quality of this input and those who deliver it be as good as it could get! Since this is a shared goal, the teachers and the Institute work doubly hard, together, to create the best possible resources! For instance, depending upon the concept and session, she attends, Kaveri determines her plan of action to deliver it.  “Since most training sessions focus on enhancing her pedagogy, it is easy to take them to your classroom. The materials we create here are integrated with the teaching plans we set,” she explains of her learning process.

“I recently taught about pulleys to my students. The sheer amount of examples I could show and discuss with my group amazed me. The students saw so many pulleys being used in their life that they understood the concept behind their usage,” she declares.

The ability to bring in real-life examples into the classroom is the prized ability of any teacher. However, it requires that they keep on receiving suitable inputs that enhance their conceptual understanding. For primary teachers of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation, this need has been fulfilled.

” I attended the first training in over three years, I feel that there is a strong need for similar sessions to frequently repeat themselves,” said Kaveri.

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