“It is almost like I can perform magic. At least, that is how the children and their parents seem to feel,” – Ms. DayaVashist

Success Story Profile Pic Ms. DayaVashist

Ms. DayaVashist

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Delhi (ITEI-EDMC)

DayaVashist is thirty-seven years old and a teacher by profession. By this age, she feels convinced that her job is her identity. Every morning when the rest of us go about our days, she gets ready to work with the next generation. However, from the past couple of months, in her own words, “She feels different”!

She believes, she owes this renewed sense of self to her success at transforming her workspace into an innovative laboratory. “It is almost like I can perform magic. At least, that is how the children and their parents seem to feel,” she says. Although it looks like a regular school, once you visit the room where Daya spends her days, with her army of forty learners, it seems magical.

In the past few months, she has been able to develop resources that have turned an ordinary classroom into a fully-functional space. She says that after a very long time she feels she can do what  the occasion demands from her.

This has been made possible by the workshops conducted byITEI-EDMC where she undergoes pedagogy and curriculum training to be more effective. She feels inspired and wants to knock down all barriers hindering her success. The result is the stunning transformation of her classroom and her own identity. Now, her students not only have a site for experimentation and hands-on learning, but they also have the skill and the vision of their wonderful teacher, to look up to. She hopes to not only make the most of their time by engaging them in the concepts at the practical level, but also by helping them think of larger issues such as becoming an eco-citizen.

Every day, she proves that innovation in the profession is all that matters!

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