Making Classes Interesting and Fun

“Since childhood, I always wanted to become a teacher and give my best while creatively sharing knowledge” – Ms Sadhana Chavhan

Ms Sadhana Chavhan Success Story Profile Pic

Ms Sadhana Chavhan

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Navi Mumbai

“Since childhood, I always wanted to become a teacher and give my best while creatively sharing knowledge”, says Sadhana when asked why she became a teacher. She always wanted to have a classroom filled with happy students, where they come to learn with excitement.

At the Shikhaantar training sessions, organized by Tech Mahindra Foundation and Save The children India for pre-primary teachers, Sadhana’s potential and eagerness to do more for her students was quite evident. Her strengths were observed and understood to provide her with proper guidance to channelize her creative teaching methodology.

Before joining the training session, Sadhana was struggling to manage a large number of students, teaching methodology, shortage and usage of existing Teaching Learning Materials, involvement and support of parents for the development of her students. The Shikshaantar program was designed with an aim to enhance the knowledge of early-childhood knowledge and skills of teachers like Sadhana, who teach children in the age group 3-6 years of age.  

On completion of the training, Sadhana became more confident. She is happy that she can manage the entire class alone and is able to make her classes interesting through the proper usage of TMLs. Her lessons are now explained through graphics and pictures and she also uses voice stimulation to make the poems and stories more interesting and easy to learn. Also, she has decorated her classroom with various craft activities that involve the students as well as their parents. 

All Sadhana needed was proper guidance and training to enhance her abilities and create a happy classroom. Her new teaching methods have created interests in her students to learn more and attend her classes with excitement and eagerness to learn.

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