Focusing on the circle of influence


Mr. Anil Jain

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantar program in Delhi (ITEI-Shakti Nagar)

Known for his versatility and enthusiasm, Anil Jain is a National Award-winning Mathematics teacher. His skills and knowledge are appreciated by his colleagues and the authorities at Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Apart from his subject, he participates in events related to science, sports, culture, and environment conservation, and also enjoys writing articles. He has received various awards of excellence for his work in the field of education at zonal and state levels. He has also designed two learning kits for Mathematics textbooks in association with NCERT.

Anil holds a Master’s in Education, Diploma in Guiding and Counseling, and a Certificate in Computers. He is currently heading the Mathematics group of Mentor teachers. His parents wanted him to join the family business, but he carved his own path by choosing teaching as a profession.

He was invited to ITEI-Shakti Nagar to address the new recruits during the ‘Teacher Induction Workshop’ where he appreciated the training sessions conducted by the faculty members and the ways in which the Foundation has contributed to the capacity building of teachers.

Anil believes that the environment of the student has a great bearing on their development and growth. With great conviction, he tries to impart decision-making skills in his students so that they can choose right over wrong and watch their actions and behaviour. He counsels the students and their parents to help his students get rid of their bad habits. His students admire him so much that they come back to see him and share their achievements with him even after years of leaving school.

Anil believes that we should focus on things that are within the ‘circle of influence’. According to him, a teacher and student’s parents should have an open and transparent relationship. This will help them to discuss the problems of the child without any hesitation and they will try to find a solution mutually.

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