Best Out of Waste


Ms. Swati Verma

A teacher-supported at our Shikshaantaar program in New Delhi (ITEI-NDMC)

Inquisitive, open and easy to approach defines Swati who is always eager to learn new skills and tries to pass on this spirit to her students and fellow teachers. She began her career as a teacher five years ago in 2015 and is currently working at MCPS P-1 Sultanpuri in North Delhi. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity through her lens, be it volunteering at a workshop or observing her experienced colleagues and mentors. 

During the subject-oriented Hindi workshop conducted at ITEI-NDMC, she actively participated and enjoyed the process of enhancing and polishing her teaching skills. She tried to incorporate the learning from the faculty members at the institute and also from the books recommended by them. As part of a project, Swati also anchored the Social Studies group through the ITEI-NDMC mentor teacher’s program. The team members at the institute engage with her for discussions on creating effective learning tasks along with ICT skills for students in her new profile. She is the SST group leader in DMC.

She believes in creating “Best out of Waste” and urges her students to become rational thinkers, creative humans and decision-makers. Her “Best out of Waste” stems from her realisation of constrained resources for the children coming from weaker sections of society. She has created Teaching Learning Material using existing or low-cost resources. Apart from teaching her subject, she tries her best to spread awareness about the POCSO Act, child safety, child abuse and other issues especially related to young girls. Moreover, she tries to counsel them to make them strong and confident individuals.

It gives her a sense of satisfaction when her mentors, students and their parents acknowledge and appreciate her efforts. Sharing one of her achievements, she says “I’m blessed to get tremendous appreciation and it gives me the motivation to improve.” She has been awarded the Best Mentor Certificate in the Science stream by her Rohini zone. Her experience in Mission Buniyad got her first role as a mentor teacher. She has also contributed in National projects such as the Nishtha program. She has also participated in Jamia Millia Islamia workshop ‘English Teaching in Schools’.

She understands that the teaching profession is ‘ever-changing’ and she focuses on upgrading herself according to the requirements of young children.

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