“As a teacher, maximising student output is almost an instinct” – Ms. Payal Gupta

Success Story Profile Pic Ms. Payal Gupta

Ms. Payal Gupta

A teacher supported at our Shikshaantaar program in Delhi (ITEI-EDMC)

As a teacher, maximising student output is almost an instinct,” says Payal. A teacher for over a decade now, she understands the education system and her role in it. 

It is teachers like her who help the system improve. So, when she felt that she needed help to address each students’ need in a better way, it was clear that the challenge was too tough.

In the last few months after ITEI-EDMC’s intervention, in her own words ‘her classroom has undergone a renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment—a model worth emulating by everyone else’. Her students in the class tutor each other under her supervision, which, she feels has boosted the overall morale of her classroom. “Once I am sure the students are confident of the content, I make them sit in groups and work on questions together. After  this, they correct each other’s work. This model allows them to learn without hesitation,” she reasons.

Recalling the idea of using a student’s strengths one of the most significant achievements she said was to help one of her students who failed in all her subjects. She says, “I learnt about multiple intelligences at  ITEI-EDMC , and suddenly I realised that a student of mine who was very good with memorising song lyrics could perhaps use music and performance to learn the content of other subjects, as well.”

While she credits the Institute for her success, this is, perhaps, the most beautiful aspect of the in-service teacher education sessions! Once the right intention becomes a shared goal, it becomes easy for people to emerge as natural leaders and inspire everyone.

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