A Direction to Restart

“I gifted my husband with an X-ray Technician course at the very same SMART Academy”

A Direction to Restart 1

Manpreet Kaur

Trained at SMART Academy for Healthcare, Mohali

Manpreet Kaur heard about SMART Academy for the first time at Gurudwara. She recalls, “It was announced in Gurudwara where they wanted the youth to pay a visit to the Academy in Mohali. I felt as if God himself has answered my prayers. And the very first visit to the institute felt like it was a blessing from above.” Manpreet Kaur lost her father when she was in 8th standard and to carry the burden of responsibilities, she had to discontinue her schooling after 10th. She spent 4 years at the dispensary, gathering valuable first-hand experience and providing financial assistance to the family.

Manpreet with her medical experience aced her course of General Duty Assistant at SMART Academy for Healthcare and got recruited by Fortis Hospital, Mohali as a Patient Care specialist.

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