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‘Shikshaantar’ means creating a difference in education. In the domain of education, Shikshaantar is the Foundation’s training programme for teachers. It focuses on creating happier classrooms by empowering teachers and by helping them realise their potential to the fullest.


The most important component of the ‘Shikshaantar’ programme is to create an empowered group of primary government school teachers, principals, school inspectors, education officers, leaders and school management officials. In particular, primary school teachers are trained to impart knowledge through art and craft, thus enabling child-centred learning.


The Programme encompasses the Foundation’s following initiatives:
- The Foundation runs two premier teacher capacity building institutes called In-Service Teacher Education Institutes (ITEIs) in collaboration with North Delhi Municipal Corporation (established in 2018) and East Delhi MunicipalCorporation(established in 2012).
- The Foundation runs a Science Academy for Teachers in association with Sahayta Trust at Hyderabad.
- English-Winglish - A teacher training program aimed at improving teaching capacity in English for govt schools has been implemented in Mumbai and Pune.

In 2018-19, there were approximately 2500 teacher beneficiaries under the Shikshaantar programme.