Evidence based experiences in School Enrichment Programmes of Government Schools

Event Highlights

  • Panel discussion with experts on the theme
  • Launch of Teachers’ Capacity Building Program in First Aid and School Safety
  • Release of Report on ‘First Aid for Improving Safety in Schools’

Working towards enhancing First Aid in Schools to create happier & safer classrooms!

Topical discussion

Understand the different dimensions of effective government school improvement programs

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Our Panelists

We have assembled a diverse panel of speakers comprising of educationists, emergency care experts and most importantly, teachers as our core influencers. The panel discussion will be moderated by our TMF faculty member at ITEI-EDMC.

Dr. Loveleen Kacker, CEO, TMF


Dr. Nuzhat Ali


G.M. Panse


Professor Jalaluddin


Dilbur Parikh




Venita Kaul


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Dr Vanshree Singh

Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Vanshree Singh

Director, Blood Bank and In-charge, St. John & First Aid Training

She is a doctor with post-graduation in Transfusion and Transplant Sciences from Bristol University. Working with the Indian Red Cross Society since 1997, she has advance training on Blood transfusion medicine (from ICMR), First Aid (from International Committee of Red Cross) and various accreditation certifications from the Ministry of Health, India. She has played an instrumental role in upgrading the IRCS NHQ Blood Bank (in 2010) and making it a ‘State-of-the-art model blood bank’ is known to be one of her achievements. Also, she has worked in collaboration with the NDMA for developing school-level First Aid protocols (prepared Modules & App of First Aid)

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Dr Subroto Das


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Dr Subroto Das

Co-founder, Lifeline Foundation
Padma Shri Awardee

He is the winner of one of India’s highest civilian awards, Padma Shri for his exemplary work on Highway Trauma Care. He co-founded Lifeline Foundation along with his wife, Sushmita (after surviving a life-threatening accident in August, 1999 on one of India’s busiest highways), with the aim of reducing the 1,50,000+ annual highway deaths in India. He is the only Indian to be honoured with the Asian EMS Lifetime Achievement Award by the Asian EMS Council in 2015, whereas The Times of India calls Dr Das ‘the country’s best known EMS expert’.

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Dr Nidhi Harish Kewalramani


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Dr Nidhi Harish Kewalramani

She is a medical graduate and an alumnus of Symbiosis University as well as BITS Pilani with a specialization in Hospital and Healthcare Management. She is a doctor with strong base in statistics and believes in data driven number methodology to the core extent of all strategic and management decision. Dr Nidhi holds an experience of almost 15 years in diversified healthcare fields like Hospitals, TPA, Healthcare BPO, Healthcare KPO, Healthcare LPO, and Healthcare Education Management. Presently, she is the chairperson for Tech Mahindra Foundation SMART Healthcare Academic Council and is heading the SMART Healthcare Academy for West region. She is a designated external expert on board of Faculty of Vocational (Medical) Studies for Parul University, Gujrat. Also, she is working as member of governing council for UNICEF MahaPeconet NGO platform.
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Ms Rupsha Mitra

Host & Presenter

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Ms. Rupsha Mitra

Host & Presenter

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Ms Varsha Gupta


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Ms. Varsha Gupta

Faculty (Mathematics) at our ITEI-EDMC

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Tech Mahindra Foundation with a vision to empower through education commits itself to creating a more equitable and inclusive society by supporting processes that will lead to sustainable transformation, social inclusion and integration. By creating opportunities that nurtures talent and enable the socio-economically marginalized to utilize their full potential, Tech Mahindra Foundation works in 3 Focus areas: Education, Vocational Training & Employment and Disability. With a network of close to 100 partners and more than a lakh beneficiaries per year across the cities of Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata the organization reinforces strengthening systems and processes to bring sustainable changes across the 3 verticals. Tech Mahindra Foundation believes that national efforts of ensuring universal elementary education to all through the Right to Education Act (RTE) 2010 needs to be reinforced by the civil society. In the last 7 years Tech Mahindra Foundation as a leading Corporate Social Responsibility organization has contributed significantly by reaching out to those whose dreams of being in the mainstream of education have been unfulfilled due to variety of reasons. Education vertical of Tech Mahindra Foundation is dedicated towards strengthening various formal and alternative programs especially for the girl child, creating and enabling environment that encourages children to come to school, reducing dropout and building knowledge systems for enhancing learning. Reflecting on the national scenario of education where 1.4 million schools run across the country with an increase in enrolment of 11.18 million more children in the last three years, children still drop out. There is an observed indicator of 80 million children dropping out without completing primary education. This situation is further alarming because of the cumulative burden of non-comprehension and thus poor learning outcomes of the children in government schools. This calls for systemic intervention and collaboration of all especially the civil society to bring improvement in school governance, change in teachers’ quality and classroom teaching processes.   Tech Mahindra Foundation, keeping in view the aforesaid objectives, has supported and is implementing some of the leading education initiatives of the country, many of which have been focusing on strengthening quality of learning in the government schools. This initiative of Tech Mahindra Foundation to run school improvement programs is called ARISE- All Round Improvement in School Education. ARISE has taken the forms of either School Take Over or School Adoption, depending on the need of the school and consensus with the government systems.  The ARISE projects which involve both direct and indirect interventions, are reaching out to more than 50,000 beneficiaries across the country. Specifically the projects aim at the following dimensions – 
  • Physical dimension (infrastructure/ physical facilities) – The attempt is to ensure clean toilets, pure drinking water, well-lit and ventilated classrooms in school and integration of BaLA to promote learning.
  • Cognitive dimension (enabling learning environment) – Effort is to engage children and teachers with expert academic facilitators so as to build skills of children in language and Math. An extension of the same is also to develop resource rooms/libraries/labs for both children and staff.
  • Social dimension (relationships, values, especially equity, and the emotional environment of school). Intention is to go beyond the classroom learning and develop the 3 R’s. The project also addresses issues like sports for development, life skills, theatre and other forms of creative expressions.
  • Organizational dimension (School to be an effectively managed institution linked to the community). It has been an endeavour to bring an element of effective planning and management at all levels through setting up systematic procedures and policies and build capacities and confidence of stakeholders. Initiate and support change for quality learning environment.
Leveraging from many such experiences, one can say that these initiatives are often impacted by several socio-systemic challenges which are very diverse in nature and context. ARISE has given the Tech Mahindra Foundation team an insight into the issues which are plaguing the learning outcomes of children. We have been fortunate to witness and collaborate with some of the leading school enrichment programs. Tech Mahindra Foundation wishes to create a platform for sharing of such experiences that will create a rich tapestry of evidence based best practices that are both scalable and replicable. In this regard we plan to have a series of panel discussions- Sanjhi Samajh inviting individuals and institutions working and innovating on various dimensions of School Improvement Program in government schools. 

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