Amrapali’s Journey from Weakness to Strength

“The guidance and training by my teachers have helped me to be on the right track in life.”

Impact Disability Journey From Weakness To Strength 1

Amrapali Gautam Kharat

Supported through TMF's ARISE+ & SMART+ Projects in Mumbai

“Where there is a will there is a way” is one of the important life lessons that we have heard since childhood. The story of Amrapali reaffirms it. Her journey from being an ARISE+ beneficiary to a SMART+ trained individual is a true testimony of our intervention toward supporting disability for an inclusive world. Since childhood, she has been a hearing-impaired individual who faced challenges at home with an absence of a mother, an alcoholic and jobless father and the responsibility of four younger sisters. 

She started her journey at one of our ARISE+ projects- Jankibai Shikshan Santha’s Vikas Vidyalaya for the Hearing Impaired in Dadar, Mumbai. With this intervention in her early years, she was observed to be excellent in drawing and other forms of arts. Hence, she was encouraged to learn beauty, jewellery making and mehndi designing courses. She had also developed an interest in computers during her 8th and 9th standard. Observing her interest, she was financially supported by the ARISE+ project and enrolled on 3 months course of Maharashtra State-Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT) conducted at Sujaya Foundation, one of our SMART+ partners in Mumbai.

With her sincerity and will to learn, she acquired knowledge in basic computer skills through this course along with completing her Class 10th in regular studies. Being the eldest daughter of the family, she was well aware of her responsibility to financially support her family and immediately wanted to start working. She got her first job at Viaante Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Mulund, Mumbai. We are happy to share that she has completed 3 years since then and is now earning a decent salary. 

Her determination and never say die spirit have turned her life from no motivation or guidance towards a successful road collectively through our ARISE+ and SMART+ projects. Looking at her being independent and responsible, her grandmother is proud of her and has a sigh of relief. Amrapali further wishes to upgrade herself with the latest computer knowledge and do well in her career. With her shining eyes and bright smile, she says, “I thank Tech Mahindra Foundation for supporting me at a time that was most crucial for my family. The guidance and training by my teachers have helped me to be on the right track in life.”

We are proud of you, Amrapali. Wishing you all the success in life!

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