• Loveleen Kacker
  • Director and CEO

A leader with vision, skill and accomplishment, Loveleen Kacker has worked with governments, institutions and organizations, in important roles that involved high stakes, large budgets and diverse teams. She brings in over three decades of planning and administrative experience, from a number of senior roles that she played in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).She has expertise in the areas of child education, child nutrition and child protection, and has worked for more than a decade in social sector ministries and departments.

Loveleen took over the reins of Tech Mahindra Foundation as the Chief Executive Officer in 2012 at a crucial moment of time, when Tech Mahindra was undergoing a major transformation and expansion. In less than three years, she transformed the Foundation with her vision for an educated and skilled India. She redefined the Foundation’s CSR policy and re-positioned its work into two key areas – education and employability. Loveleen Kacker is an accomplished writer with numerous publications in child welfare, art and culture to her credit.