From Kitchenette to SMART Academy


“Strength grows in the moments when you think you cant go on but you keep going anyway”

Dear Friends,

In my life I have had the opportunity to meet many strong, smart and courageous women. I have always tried to bring you stories which are inspiring and encouraging. ‘Rise For Good Series’ is one such platform where we celebrate with women of all backgrounds and ages.

Today, I will share one such story of P. Sudha, who comes from a conservative community in Vishakhapatnam. She got married at a very tender age of 17, as her family feared that her higher education would limit her marriage prospects. Soon, she became a mother to a baby girl and was confined to the four walls of her home. Though not unhappy, Sudha was looking for an opportunity to start life afresh. It was difficult given her relatively lower education.


One day, when she heard about the Web Designing courses at Vizag SMART Academy, she knew it was a life changing opportunity. With her husband and family by her side, she enrolled at the Academy with dreams in her eyes. Skill training in web designing was exactly the much needed push that propeled her into a creative world. Her husband and in–laws always stood by her and took care of the child while she was away at the Academy.

“My family is my biggest strength, they made it all possible”, says Sudha.



It gives me immense pride to share that Sudha is currently undergoing her Internship with Vismaya media house, which has already made an offer of a job to her. Do join me in wishing Sudha the best in her coming life.

Warm Regards
Loveleen Kacker

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