Childhood was full of colors. Everything bright and different seemed catchier. Going back to school after the prolonged summer vacation was something I looked forward to. Everything about my school looked amusing to me, at least then. The curious little me used to look around to see for anything new that would excite me.

My last two weekends at Chinnayanapalya BBMP school, Bangalore made me relive the colors of my childhood and gave me the opportunity to fill happiness in the eyes of little ones My first visit to this school,5 months ago, made me think a lot on making the place a better one. It was a small building with small classrooms and small creaky benches.

When Dominic presented the idea of painting the school, I was one of the people who sprang in with a lot of enthusiasm. The two Saturdays were the best and the most different ones I had in Bangalore.

The first day was all about removing the old paint and coating it with a new one. It was a lot of fun with the volunteers from the ELTP training batch. The week that followed was the best one with the creative paintings and we could see the artistic side of the techies reflecting on the school walls.

Working in groups, full of cheer and fun made our day more fun. The very thought of the sparkling eyes of kids when they are back to school, made us overwhelmed.

This would remain one of the best experiences I had in Tech Mahindra, always. Thanks and kudos to the Bangalore CSR team for this wonderful mission and counting on more of these to come up.

Elizabeth Thomas