English-Winglish: Building a cadre of confident English teachers!

English-Winglish: Building a cadre of confident English teachers!

Dear Friends,

With great pride, I would like to share that Tech Mahindra Foundation has launched a new teacher training programme called English-Winglish, which is opening doors to English language for government school teachers and their children.


The government has realized the importance of promoting English in schools as it is the gateway for a better life and a promising future. However, the biggest impediment for vernacular medium schools is the shortage of English language teachers.

To overcome this, Tech Mahindra Foundation has designed a Spoken English Programmer to enhance the communicative English skills of government school teachers. The programmer also imparts skills to improve English teaching methodology in the classroom.

The programmer was piloted in 2017 with 40 teachers from municipal schools in Mumbai. This year we have taken the programmer to Pune municipal schools as well and are currently training about 100 teachers in both the cities. A significant feature is that English-Winglish is being implemented directly by the Foundation, with our in-house Education team members as the trainers.


With 20 days and a total of 120 hours of training, we hope these teachers fulfill the aspirations of millions of parents who send their wards to government schools. Over the next few years, we hope to expand the footprint of English-Winglish to all our locations, creating a vast network of teachers who are change makers for the future generations.



Warm Regards
Loveleen Kacker


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