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All Round Improvement in School Education

The ARISE or All Round Improvement in School Education focuses on enabling children from the underprivileged and marginalised socio-economic strata to get a quality education and optimize their full potential. The ARISE programme works in partnership with Municipal Corporations to develop primary Government Schools into model schools of excellence.


Tech Mahindra Foundation works with East and South Delhi Municipal Corporations (SDMC and EDMC), Chennai Municipal Corporation, Pune Municipal Corporation, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and Benguluru Municipal Corporation to bring quality education in 35 primary government schools.

ARISE programme builds upon along four crucial, connected dimensions of school improvement

The Foundation in 2018-19 worked with government schools to benefit approximately 13000 student beneficiaries through its ARISE Programme.


• The academic dimension, to ensure that children acquire grade-appropriate learning with understanding
• The social dimension, to ensure that families and communities participate actively in the process of education along with children, teachers, school management and the system
• The infrastructural dimension, to ensure that schools and classrooms are happier, effective places of learning
• The organizational dimension, to ensure that schools work as effective units of education functioning as well-managed organizations