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Set up in 2013, the In-Service Teacher Education Institute (ITEI) is a Public Private Partnership Project (PPP) between the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and Tech Mahindra Foundation to upgrade the skills of government primary school teachers through intensive training processes.


The East Delhi Municipal Corporation runs 365 primary and nursery schools, in which 2.1 lakh children are enrolled. Close to 5,500 teachers are employed by the EDMC in these schools. ITEI has been established with the goal of refreshing and improving both the teacher’s knowledge of their subject contents and teaching skills.


The aim of the project is to bring quality enrichment in education by ensuring development of physical and mental abilities of children through capacity enhancement of all stakeholders especially, teachers. The ITEI operates with a vision of becoming a Centre of Excellence in teacher education by ensuring the continuous professional development of teachers and school leaders.


The ITEI has four departments - Hindi, English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. In addition, it offers short, co-curricular workshops in related subjects such as IT, creating teaching-learning material (TLM), yoga, theatre, art etc.

The main objectives of the ITEI are:

• Improving and updating the skills of teachers
• Motivating teachers and encouraging participatory learning
• Improving the learning abilities of children
• Creating happier classrooms



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