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Set up in 2013, the In-Service Teacher Education Institute (ITEI) is a Public Private Partnership Project (PPP) wherein the Foundation has partnered with East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) to upgrade the skills of government primary school teachers through stringent training process.


The aim of the project is to bring quality enrichment in education by ensuring development of physical and mental abilities of children through capacity enhancement of all stakeholders especially, teachers.


The ITEI has four departments - Hindi, English, Mathematics and EVS and works at both enhancing subject knowledge and pedagogical skills.


The Institute strives to facilitate professional development of over 5600 EDMC teachers, education inspectors, principals, teachers and community members.


The main objectives of the ITEI are:

• Enhancing skills of in-service teachers and keep them abreast with modern concepts of pedagogy
• Improve motivation of teachers and encourage participatory learning
• Improvement in learning abilities of children
• Creating Happier Classrooms



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