Adding colour to their school, and our lives!

The subject of the mail “Inviting Artists” was so overwhelmingly enticing to the people like us who spend our whole time in the workspace, sadly parted from our colourful hobbies. The thought of painting came off as very refreshing to our minds. There was also this feeling of excitement when we got to know that the tiny tots of BBMP Chinnayanpalya were the targeted audience.

 As the schoolchildren were enjoying their summer vacation, TMF in association with volunteers from Tech Mahindra thought of giving them a warm welcome on the school re-opening day by adding an essence of freshness. As a part of that, we initiated a plan to white wash the walls and give the school a brand new look. The activity of cleaning the walls of the classrooms and getting it ready for the white wash lasted around two weekends. We could have hired an external vendor and got the things done in a regular manner, but we did not opt that way though it was easy. Instead, we all assembled and started working on it in spite of the hurdles we came across in accomplishing our plan. 


Scrapping the remains on the walls, dusting the rooms and cleaning was a tedious task. Nevertheless, the teamwork paid off well and we could successfully wind up the task over a weekend. Accomplishing the other pending activities such as painting the black boards, white wash of the entire school was the target for the next weekend. It was a challenging task for all the volunteers as no one was aware of white washing and painting the walls. However, the volunteers were so stubborn and never gave up until we got everything done. A strong feeling of inner joy kept us motivated and that is how we achieved our targeted milestone.


Our next mission was to paint the educational aids in the classrooms, make specific pictures related to library area, idea zone etc. For adding a touch of beauty to the freshly painted school walls, there was an invite for artistic volunteers. When the interested parties gathered, we held a short meeting to discuss and materialize the third weekend activity. Different themes and educational/informative images aimed at changing the look of classroom walls and the common area, were brought up and listed down. We finally geared up for the planned activity.


We distributed the task among all our members and started working on it. It is a wonderful feeling to do paintings on walls. We, who were used to paint on chart papers and canvas boards were immensely happy painting a big picture on the walls. The colorful outcomes depicted cravings of the artists hidden in us and our passion towards these artistic hobbies. Smears of colorful paints on our hands served as a pleasant reminder of the fun we had in this process of decorating the classrooms. 


Finally, I would like to thank TMF for giving us this wonderful opportunity, yanking us out of our monotonous routine and awakening our inner artist. Wish to see more of such assignments from TMF and all the very best to the lovely and energetic volunteers who contributed for the event’s success. It leaves us in a great contentment when our efforts contribute in making someone smile.


           Farheen Khan

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Mobile Science Lab

In an effort to promote hands on learning experience and inculcate scientific temper in children, Tech Mahindra Foundation supports Sahayata Trust an organization which reaches out to 18 government schools in Hyderabad through a Mobile Science Lab.

When we began, we came across many government school children who had to rely on a few colorful pictures and of course their imagination, to understand basic scientific phenomena such as the reflection of light or photosynthesis in plants or burning of magnesium.

Today, these students are not only able to effectively handle and use different scientific instruments but are also confident enough to demonstrate experiments to the larger world through videos. Now, these kids not only listen but also can question with full confidence.


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11th SMART Centre Inauguration

On the 7th of December Mr. Riaz Mulla, Professional Learning Head at Tech Mahindra(Technical Learning Services) & Location Council Head Mumbai, inaugurated the 11th SMART Technical Centre in Thane District at Bhandup West. The SMART Centre will provide two and three wheeler Automation Training and equip the students to be placed as Assistant Auto Technicians. The training program is four-months long, and will include Job Training.


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Blood Donation Camp

“On account of ‘Family Day’, a Blood Donation Camp was conducted in TMVC-Vizag Location in association with NTR Blood Bank on 28th September 2016. Large number of associates participated in the event . Apart from the associates, some SMART Students from IGIAT’s SMART Technical Centre & BCT’s SMART Centres also participated in the event. Altogether 77 units of Blood has been donated. All Senior Leaders of the location & all members of location councils were present in the event all through and motivated and encouraged associates to donate blood.As a token of appreciation for contributing large number of units of blood, NTR Blood Bank Authorities have presented a Memento to Shri Gowrishankar Maddala, Chairperson – Location Council – Vizag.”


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C.P Gurnani visits SMART+

It’s always a feeling of delight when top leaders come and visit the students to encourage and motivate them Mr. C. P. Gurnani, CEO, Tech Mahindra Ltd. recently visited the SMART + Centre in Bhubaneswar.

Mr. Kiran Karnik, prominent Indian administrator and former President of NASSCOM accompanied Mr. Gurnani to the centre and appreciated the work being done. He conveyed his advance good wishes to Mr. Gurnani so that the SMART institutes cross the 100 mark in terms of number of centres.

The students at the Centre later shared that when such busy people come to the centre and share their experiences and listen to their stories, they feel obliged to realize the dream for which they joined SMART.


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Summer Camp at Pune

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Children’s day Celebration at ITEI

A Fun day at ITEI (In-Service Teacher Education Institute) as 200 students from EDMC schools participated in fun & learning activities.
They enjoyed every moment of this day by participating in activities like Word Search Competition, Drawing Competition and the Exciting Spoon Race. All the students were full of enthusiasm and were very excited for the fancy dress competition. EDMC Counselor Swati Gupta applauded TMF for its work with teachers and students & distributed awards to winners.

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